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Torview Swim & Tennis Club

PO Box 304, 25 Stormytown Road, Ossining, NY 10562

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Torview is a great place to host a party for birthdays, anniversaries or a family get-together.

Hosting a Party During Normal Pool Hours

To host a party during normal hours, please review the party policy and complete the Online Registration form below:

Hosting a Party During Off Hours

Active members may request the use of the club's facilities for a private party to be scheduled with the Pool Director. The cost is $10 per non-member guest, with a maximum fee of $500. A $50 deposit will be required to schedule an event and the deposit will be applied to the total amount payable. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the event. All applicable guest fees are to be paid prior to the start of the party. If the party is scheduled to begin before 6:00PM on a day that the club is open for members, there will be a limit of 12 attendees including the host unless prior arrangements have been made with and approved by the Torview Board of Directors. If the party is scheduled to begin later than 6:00PM on an open day or any time on a day that the club is closed, then there will be no limit on the number of attendees. The party must end no later than 10:00PM.

The Pool Director will determine the number of lifeguards required for the party. The member hosting the party must cover the cost to pay each lifeguard in advance at the rate of $10 per hour for each hour of the party.

The host may use the charcoal grill outside the snack bar. Nobody may enter the inside of the snack bar.

All food and drinks will be limited to the snack bar area. Under no circumstances may food or drinks be brought near the pool. It is the host member's responsibility to monitor guest behavior.

Those attending the party must obey all local noise ordinances and directives from the Pool Director. If the Pool Director, exercising his/her sole discretion, determines that anyone attending the party is intoxicated or violating the club's safety rules, the party will be terminated and no refund will be given.

The host member will be responsible for setup, cleanup and disposal of all trash.

To host a party during off-hours, please review the party policy and then complete the Online Registration form below.

Parties at Torview